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  • zondag 8 maart

    a special collection: POM premium

    In our SS15 collection we launch something new: the POM PREMIUM COLLECTION. This is a extra special collection, among the beautiful collection that we have every year. We are passionate about colours and quality, and that is why we added the POM Premium Collection with a wide variety of rich, colorful fabrics. All POM Premium shawls are made of the richest jacquard fabrics, having an intense relief and an amazing touch and feel. They have just that little extra what makes these shawls so special. The six POM Premium shawls are: Premium Hawaii Day, Premium Hawaii Sunset, Premium Blue Universe, Premium Sparkling Black/White, Premium Sparkling Blue/Pink and Premium Pink Dream.

    You can recognize a POM Premium shawl by the golden label and the premium star. We hope you will enjoy POM Premium as much as we do!

  • donderdag 12 februari

    say hello to..

    Meet our new interns: Zoë, Vreneli & Fleur! They will be joining our team for the next five months. Welcome girls!

  • donderdag 29 januari

    Modefabriek Amsterdam 2015

    After an exciting week in Berlin, POM travelled back to her home city, Amsterdam. Last weekend the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam occupied Amsterdam. So as fashion forward as we are, POM Amsterdam HAD to be part of it. We loved every minute of the Modefabriek. We got to meet many new brands and future and current POM-fans; we got to see creative ideas and we have lots of inspiration for our next collection! Two weeks full of excitement, fun, fashion, trips and most of all... POM!

  • maandag 26 januari

    Show&Order Berlin

    Last week POM Amsterdam was in Berlin! Fashionista's and fashion fanatics were taking over the city in honour of the Berlin Fashion Week. Of course we had to be there! POM Amsterdam was in Germany for the second time and we had such a great time! Show&Order was filled with inspirational people and brands, and POM got to be part of that. The team was excited and we loved meeting new people from all over the world... so keep your eyes open! - you might just happen to see us pop up anywhere in the world!

  • zaterdag 3 januari

    hello new year

    Dear POM fans, We wish you an amazing 2015. Make it happen! Love, POM team

  • donderdag 4 december

    Blickfang Hamburg

    Thursday morning the car was packed so tightly with shawls, lookbooks and present boxes, we nearly didn't fit in the car ourselves. Three hours on, we arrived at Blickfang in Hamburg and we were quick with setting up our booth - the POM way! Three days long we started the morning with a good German 'frühstuck', we met many new German fans and the POM girls gave style advice. All in all the Blickfang event was a great succes! We loved every minute of it and we enjoyed meeting all our new POM fans.

  • woensdag 19 november

    trendy Twente

    Last Wednesday, one of the founding sisters, Liesbeth, was invited to talk at the first ever Trendy Twente show. Host, Bas Wolters, asked questions on all different aspects of fashion, lifestyle and the POM story. Together with Miss Lipgloss and Wendy de Wit - Wegener Media, Liesbeth had a great discussion on trends, fashion fauxs and fashion do's, how businesses grow and how important it is to stay aware of your surroundings. All in all it was a very exciting and succesful evening, we enjoyed it very much and hopefully the viewers did as well!

  • woensdag 5 november

    POM's founding sisters

    POM Amsterdam started as a small idea two sisters had and grew out to be something bigger. Nowadays POM can be spotted in many magazines and newspapers, POM shawls are available at more than 200 retail stores within the Netherlands and in stores in Sweden, Ireland and Belgium, and we have collaborations with multiple reknowned partners. We were wondering if our many fans knew where POM Amsterdam came from and how it all started, so therefore: the POM Amsterdam Start-up Story of the Founding Sisters.

    The label POM Amsterdam was founded in 2011 by the Dutch sisters Liebeth and Violet. They started POM from their own desire to own a high quality shawl for a good price. When they couldn't find what they were looking for, they set out to make superb quality shawls that make women happy - POM Amsterdam shawls. Shawls that can completely change your look in the blink of an eye. They were always struggling with the way a shawl was to be wrapped. Shawls were often difficult to wrap around or to knot a certain way - then the patented asymmetrical triangle form was born. This way all shawls are easily wrapped, knotted, rolled, hung in any style or way that suits you.

    In their first year the sisters started selling their hand made POM Amsterdam shawls on local markets. This grew and now, three and a half years later, POM shawls are available in de Bijenkorf and over 200 stores throughout the Netherlands. Even though POM Amsterdam has grown immensely, the two sisters design all fabrics and shawls themselves at their office in Amsterdam. Often you will find some subtle accents, or some other fun elements of Amsterdam, woven into the fabrics so you can recognise POM Amsterdam.

    "We love designing shawls that give women the opportunity to express their own personal style. A shawl is the perfect way to enhance your outfit in an easy way: it will lift your look instantly as it is close to your face, so everyone will see it! We hope you enjoy wearing your POM as much as we enjoyed designing it for you!"
    -Liesbeth & Violet - POM Amsterdam-

  • woensdag 22 oktober

    POM in magazine

    POM is getting attention from the media! Our Fall/Winter 2014/2015 collection has been spotted in several Dutch magazines that are distributed nationally. Viva saw the Sky fall as a good addition to their home interior editorial, JAN is a fan and therefore put POM on their top 100 wish list and LINDA meiden wanted to put our silk jewel festival grey in the spotlight. We are so happy to see that we have so many fans! You never know where (or in which magazine) you might find POM Amsterdam. So keep your eyes and ears open, you never know when you might see POM next!

  • dinsdag 14 oktober

    the thrilling 30's

    Congratulations! This week our sales manager Nicoline turned 30! Stepping into the office on monday morning, with her soft kiss POM shawl and a huge smile, she admitted turning 30 was scary yet pretty cool at the same time. Not only did Nicoline get very spoiled on her birthday, the rest of the POM team got to celebrate the special 3-0 by endulging ourselves in home-made carrot cake, made by the birthday girl herself!

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